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OLPH Wedding Guide

Marriage Preparation

A preparation period of not less than one (1) year from the proposed date for a wedding ceremony. The couple will set up meetings with the priest (or deacon) who will conduct your ceremony. The purpose of meeting with the priest or deacon is gather necessary information, explore the sacramental dimensions, and help you to prepare the various components of your wedding liturgy.

Requesting a Priest
or Deacon

You may request a particular priest or deacon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish to conduct your wedding liturgy but this is subject to his availability. If you desire a Nuptial Mass, a priest must be included, but a deacon may conduct the actual Rite of Marriage within the Mass. If you have no preference, a priest or deacon will be assigned to help prepare you and conduct your liturgy.

You are welcome to invite any validly ordained priest or deacon (e.g. a relative or family friend) to conduct your wedding liturgy. However, he is required to contact the parish office directly to arrange the date and time for both rehearsal and wedding, conduct the preparation sessions with you and submit the required forms. Additional priests and deacons are always welcome to concelebrate your wedding liturgy. We also welcome the participation of clergy from other religious denominations. However, arrangements for these must be discussed with the priest or deacon who will conduct your ceremony.

Other Considerations

Rice, Confetti, Etc.

Throwing rice, confetti, birdseed and other matter is not permitted. If desired, this custom is more suitable when the married couple leaves their reception banquet.

The launching of helium-inflated balloons is also not permitted, as prevailing winds take them out to sea, where they eventually fall to the surface and pose a serious hazard to marine life.


Alcoholic Beverages

The use of any alcoholic beverages on Church grounds is strictly prohibited. This includes a champagne toast following the ceremony, a custom that is more appropriate at the reception banquet. Kindly notify the members of your wedding party, your guests, and your drivers/Limousine Company of this prohibition.

While your guests are encouraged to fully enjoy this celebration, we strongly discourage the use of any alcoholic beverages prior to their arrival. Members of your wedding party exhibiting any sign of alcohol or drug use will not be permitted to participate in your wedding liturgy. Please be sure to make them aware of this restriction.



The hiring of professional photographers/videographers is encouraged. They may use flash equipment, if necessary. However, they are never permitted to enter the Sanctuary (the raised area around the altar) and are asked to be as unobtrusive as possible. Prior to the ceremony, they should check with the priest or deacon for any other directives.


Guests may also take pictures during the ceremony, but they are never to leave their seats in order to do so


The offering for use of either church varies on your parishioner classification:

● $850

● $100 is due to reserve the date

Offering and cooperation deposits must be paid in full and submitted with the Acknowledgement and Confirmation of Dates and Times form at booking to secure your requested date and time.


● Fees for music and cantors must be negotiated with individual musicians/cantors;; payment is to be made one month prior to the wedding date

● A $10 stipend is customary for each altar server and can be given directly to the servers.

● Nothing (i.e. rice, seed, flower petals etc…) can be thrown inside or outside the church.


If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to call the Parish Office

at 609-652-0008.


Good luck with your wedding plans, and may God bless you with a lifetime of happiness,

peace and, most of all, love!

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