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Words on the Rosary Rally

We like our monsters and Halloween decorations. But there are real vampires, werewolves, walking-dead and Frankenstein monsters in the World. Catholics have a vision of the human person as the image and likeness of God; God who is Love and who in Jesus Christ reveals divine love made flesh. The Eucharist reminds us and gives us an experience of this vision. Breathing in and out from the Eucharist, members of OLPH Parish put to action that vision.

The vison became visible on October 15th when you gathered as one, in unity to honor the Mother of God on route 30 for all to see. You, people of every race, language, nation, and way of life speaking many languages but uttering one word; the Word of God who saves: Yeshua! Monsters converted into martyrs, saints, virgins, angels, disciples, lovers, holy warriors.

Seventy and more members of our parish and Father Kamil Al-Chouefati, boldly prayed the Holy Rosary on the corner of a major highway visible to hundreds of travelers. Members from our Haitian, Hispanic, White, Filipino .... and Arabic families young and elders together using all our parish and personal resources of time, talent and treasure, proclaimed the Gospel of Life, reigniting in myself and others, the vision of God's light and love in the human person. Saints, not monsters! Like Our Lady humbly but with fortitude and service, you transformed a corner of the world for a moment into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Glory and praise, honor and thanksgiving to our God!

Fr. Gerard


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